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During his term, he focused on two specific initiatives – emphasizing the need for gender equality in the NFL’s athletic trainers, as well as the importance of athletic trainers at youth and high school levels. The problem with playing too much zone against Brees is that we’ve seen his accuracy and experience being able to […]

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I didn’t mention current Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II as the veteran backup because I don’t know if he is comfortable with the idea of having that role and not starting; if he is comfortable with that, he could play the role. I’m looking forward to it being back in Texas. Before being traded to […]

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In their last three competitive fixtures, the Lithuanians have defeated Croatia, the Netherlands and Italy, in what was something of a revenge game. He mauled Texans defensive end J.J. Joe meets the ball at the last possible fraction of a second. The prevailing thought heading into UFC 220 was that Francis Ngannou would punch his […]