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Peter Mack is a leading author and speaker on marketing and experience design.  He now oversees marketing for Koru, the startup that’s transforming the college to career landscape by partnering with the best high-growth companies in the world and providing them with the most whip-smart, gritty, professional, data-driven and job-ready entry-level hires.

Previously Peter engineered unconventional, life-changing experiences at Tough Mudder LLC as Vice President of Experience and Innovation where he oversaw all design and customer experience.  Prior ti that he spent over 15 years working in hospitality, and travel, including 10 years with Starwood Hotels and Resorts, the innovative experience delivery leader. Starwood’s brands include W Hotels, Westin, St. Regis, Bliss Spas, and more.

Peter has a passion for people, travel, and intuitive, creative, experience delivery.  To learn more about Peter Mack  View Peter Mack's LinkedIn profileView Peter Mack’s profile  To contact us, please email.

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